Changemakers and eco influencers you should follow

Get an overview of important personalities who want to change the world with fair fashion. They are using social media platforms to advocate for a better fashion industry. Whether sustainability, fair fashion or vegan lifestyle, all topics are covered and encourage reflection. Feel free to click through the profiles and get inspired.

Jasmine Hemsley

London sustainable lifestyle influencer Jasmine Hemsley

Jasmine Hemsley聽is a top food, lifestyle and wellness expert and fair fashion advocate.聽The London based three-time best-selling author, the Founder of Hemsley, Hemsley and East by West, a TV presenter with a show broadcast in over 25 countries.




Stacey Dooley

London sustainable ethical fashion influencer Stacey Dooley

Stacey Dooley is one of Britain's most loved documentary presenters and famous for being the聽presenter of BBC 3's Fashion's Dirty Secrets. The London based journalist and filmmaker rose to prominence in 2008, appearing as a contributor on BBC3 series Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts,聽a programme illustrating the typical fashion-obsessed consumer and highlighting throwaway fashion. From 2009 to present day, Stacey has produced an array of social-issue themed documentaries concerning sex trafficking, domestic abuse and prisons from some of the world鈥檚 most hostile territories. [2]




Natalie Glaze

London sustainable ethical fashion lifestyle influencers Natalie Glaze Stay Wild Swim

Natalie is a London based ocean and planet lover, the founder of @staywildswim, lifestyle blogger and Youtuber. Her blog and social media channels focus on slow and vintage fashion, retreats, food, and fitness.

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Charlotte Weise

ECo influencer berlin Charlotte weisse

Meet German origin and Barcelona based sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger Charlotte Weise.聽Fair fashion, natural beauty and veganism at the heart of what she is all about, body conscious Charlotte promotes her message in a creative rather naked way! Her contagious dance videos radiate lightness and cheerfulness - she is a beacon of natural beauty.

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Marie Nasesmann

Eco lookbook berlin marie nasemann fairknallt eco lookbook

Marie Nasemann is an actor, model and fair fashion pioneer. She invites her community to share in her private life, including the new addition to her family. She also runs a fair fashion blog聽@fairknallt where she talks about sustainable fashion, clean beauty and eco-friendly lifestyle. She uses her influence as a Young Icons Award winner to go to bat for issues that matter to women, such as fashion and equality. [3]

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Mia Marjanovi膰

heylilhey eco lookbook Berlin influencer good fashion guide sustainable fashion

Mia Marjanovi膰, describes herself as an ethical fashion activist and is involved with vegan food and sustainability in many areas. Mia's blog is mainly about #ethicalfashion, #homedecor, #sustainability, travel (not now during a pandemic of course) and lifestyle snippets from her life. She also often comments on topics such as anti-semitism, racism, conspiracy myths, feminism and capitalism.

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Nele Melchert

Nele Melchert Sustainable fashin Blogger Berlin Eco Lookbook

If you want to know how you can dress fairly and sustainably even as a young student or how to go through life, then follow Nele Melchert. The fashion design student from Berlin deals with sustainability in fashion and minimalism, eats vegan and practices yoga.

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Justine keot calm and sustainable fashion and food blogger influencer Berlin Germany good fashion guide Eco Lookbook
photo: @justinewentcalmandwentvegan

The Sinnfluencer from Vienna motivates: Stop scrolling - start acting! Her topics include fair fashion, veganism and health. On Justine's blog you will find numerous great, informative and knowledge-rich posts on the topics of climate change, vegan fashion, fair fashion, sustainability, delicious vegan, healthy recipes & personal development. Her personal mission is to show that an eco-lifestyle is anything but boring, healthy food has nothing to do with renunciation! And she is sooo right! She is also the co-founder of the eco-fashion brand TOO COOL FOR CRUEL!

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Founder of the fair fashion and green lifestyle blog GREEN LOOKS GREAT. Mary shares posts about her passion for eco-fashion, green living, vegan nutrition and sustainability facts.

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Louise Descamps

Paris sustainable influencer Aliaslouiseblog Louise Descamp Eco Lookbook

Louise is an expert in green beauty and ethical fashion and is on a mission to prove that sustainable can be fashionable! The stylish Parisienne shares on her blog her favourite ethical fashion brands, her favourite natural cosmetics and her best vegan recipes!

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Chlo茅 Tesla

Paris sustainable fashion influencer blogger Paris Chloe Tesla

You might have seen Chloe Tesla in an advertising campaign (she models for several mainstream brands, as well as many vegan ones, including French brand Ashoka Paris聽or on Instagram, where her feed is a combination of shots from the latest campaigns she鈥檚 working on, and her personal life, including pictures of delicious vegan meals, her gorgeous dog, and heartfelt pieces on animal welfare.[4]

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Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart London Influencer Sustainable Fashion Plant-Based

Niomi Smart is a content creator, author of best-selling cookbook Eat Smart, wellness columnist for Glamour UK and co-founder of the healthy, natural snack subscription box; SourcedBox and founder of @smartskin.聽With a global following of more than 4.6 million across her digital and social media platforms, Niomi puts conscious living at the heart of everything she does, sharing her learnings on sustainability and how we can all make small changes that together, can make a huge difference to protect our planet now and in the future.聽As an advocate for sustainability, Niomi is the founder of Smart Swap; one of the most successful clothes swap parties in the UK, with her latest event having been sponsored by BBC Earth.[5]

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Bel Jacobs

London ethical sustainable fashion influencer Bel Jacobs
Philip Watermanphoto:

Bel Jacobs, former fashion editor for Metro, is a London based writer, speaker and activist with a focus on animal rights, the climate emergency and the toxic fashion system.

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Bina Noehr

Stryle tz Eco Lookbook sustainable fashion Blogger Germany good fashion guide

Bina motivates: Be the change. She deals with ethical fashion, yoga, vegan lifestyle and natural beauty. Through her blog, we know that wonderful, modern fashion is also available in fair and sustainable styles. On her Instagram account, the mum of two shows which pieces she bought where and talks about her vegan diet, yoga and parenting. Everything is absolutely authentic and honest!

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Lisa-M. ROLA

Sustainable fashion influencer Maridalor Berlin Germany Eco Lookbook good fashion guide

Lisa advocates slow fashion and a vegan lifestyle. Her message is: less is more! Since 2010, Marie has been regularly posting content on the following topics: slow fashion, green fashion, vegan beauty and food. On her blog she also shows delicious recipes and simply wants to spread passion for sustainability. Her many years of vegan lifestyle and over a decade of professional experience in the fashion industry contribute to this. As a mother of two, I am also passionate about making the world a better place.



Koko | Golden Cage Vintage

Influencer berlin golden gage vintage

Blogger Koko loves discovering new old finds. As an expert and stylist for vintage fashion, she gives tips for modern styling of vintage pieces on her blog. You can shop carefully selected vintage treasures on her Etsy page.

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Margot Guilbert

Paris France Bloomers Eco Margot and Julian sustainable fashion blogger Eco Lookbook

Margot is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogger, the co-founder and content creator at Bloomers.eco. On her social media channels she tells you all about聽fair fashion, low waste, green beauty and how to create an eco home.

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Emma Slade Edmondson

London sustainable ethical fashion influencers Emma Slade Edmondson

Emma has been championing sustainable fashion consumption since 2010 and was the first to bring the charity shop to London Fashion Week in 2012 through her concept Charity Fashion Live. The London based marketing expert is a dynamic thought leader working across all elements of Fashion Retail, Marketing, and Fashion. A change maker in her field. With 10+ years of expertise within marketing, strategy and creative she is renowned for her transformational work with conscious brands and for the charity retail sector.[6]



Jemma Finch

London conscious consumption influencer Jemma Finch

Jemma Finch is the co-founder of聽"STORIES BEHIND THINGS" and on her blog she talks about conscious and mindful consumption. Her聽platform is all about聽encouraging us to think more mindfully about the physical items we engage with. Who made that bag? Can I pass this dress on one day?

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Holly Rose

Holly Rose eco sustainable fashion blogger Eco Blogger Paris France

Holly Rose is聽a writer, agroecology advocate and land back activist, attempting to amplify education on regenerative equity through storytelling. Each piece is created with the intention of holistically marrying traditional ecological knowledge, sacred ecology, and regenerative sustainability.[7]

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London sustainable ethical fashion influencers Besma

The sustainable fashion and lifestyle advocate writes on her blog curiouslyconscious.com about聽sustainable fashion, clean beauty, low-impact lifestyle, and more. She is constantly looking for better things in life. That means better for the earth, better for others, and better for herself, too. She is also the founder of @ethicalinfluencers

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Venetia La Manna

Venetia Falconer Sustainable Ethical Fashion Influencer London

Sustainability activist Venetia La Manna gives her guidance on everything from slow fashion and social media activism to plant based living. On her blog you will learn聽how to make every aspect of your life more sustainable.

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